The SWAN Mobile Outreach Van distributes harm reduction and safer use supplies to people in the Greater New Haven area, free of charge.

SWAN’s commitment to harm reduction means we try to meet people’s most pressing needs without standing in judgment of their choices. The support and supplies you receive are entirely up to you.

Since 2016, SWAN’s outreach team has been providing critical support to sex workers, people who use drugs, and people experiencing homelessness. The Mobile Outreach Van launched in October 2020, and the program continues to expand.

Current Groups

Processing Group

The biweekly processing group is led by a licensed psychologist and is an opportunity for sex workers to share about what’s going on in their lives, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and build community. Currently the group runs on Fridays at 11am with a maximum number of 10 participants. Additional groups may be added based on interest. Contact with interest.


Leadership Development Program

Launched in March 2021, SWAN’s Leadership Development Program is an extension of the model of mentorship that SWAN has used for on-the-job training for our on-foot outreach workers. Over the course of ten biweekly sessions, the Leadership Development Program introduces SWAN members to topics such as storytelling, self-directed goal planning, professional boundaries, diversity and dignity, mentorship, self-care, communications strategies, and advocacy.

The goal of the Leadership Development Program is to develop self-determination of self-directed goals, self-awareness of one’s words and actions, self-reflection of past and present moments, and responsibility with a focus on positive outcomes and decisions.

Contact with interest.

Photos by Graham MacIndoe

Past Groups

Below are some of the programs we have hosted in the past. New programming is always in the works. Get in contact with us to find out what programs are currently running or to express interest in a new program.

Self-Defense Classes – Krav Maga instructor Andrew periodically comes down from Western, MA to lead our self-defense classes. While classes are led by the instructor, content is crafted by SWAN members to reflect their own personal safety needs in street-based sex work.

Group Therapy – Led by a certified therapist, these trauma-informed groups are a safe space for members to share what has been weigh in on them, as well as self care tips, breathing exercises, and healthier coping mechanisms.

Focus Groups – When researchers, product designers, academics, and others solicit input or are looking to administer questionaires, etc, SWAN can act as an advocate and facilitator. Often these outside entities don’t have sex workers’ best interests in mind; SWAN makes sure that sex workers are paid for their time and treated with respect. These programs can also offer space for SWAN gather our own research information to help with grant applications and the like.

Story-Telling Groups – Everyone has a story to tell. These facilitated groups provide space for current and former sex workers to share their stories in a safe, trauma-informed setting. Our story-telling groups allow SWAN members to present their whole self, without facing judgement or stigma.

Community Outreach

The SWAN team provides crucial day-to-day services for our members, which can vary from court accompaniments, assistance with housing, and just showing up regularly to check in. Many of our members face steep barriers to receiving services and experience harmful stigma. SWAN’s priority is to be a non-judgmental presence to provide peer support from a team with lived experience in sex work, houselessness, drug use, and incarceration.