Safer Sex Supplies

Safer Sex Supplies are critical to keeping our members and their dates safe. Our safer sex kits each come with 8 – 10 assorted condoms and lube.

Lubed Condoms – These are your basic latex condoms with lubrication. We do not distribute condoms with spermicide or other additives (like nonoxynol-9) as they have the potential for causing allergic reactions in some people; particularly if they have sex often.

Flavored Condoms – These are unlubricated condoms that have a flavor on them (fruit, bubblegum, etc) These condoms are only good for oral sex (blow-jobs, head, etc …).

Dental Dams – Due to budgetary constraints, we do not always carry dental dams. If someone asks for one and we are out, let them know that they can take a condom and cut it up one side so that it lies flat; they can use that in lieu of a standard dental dam.

Lube – We distribute lube in 2 kinds of containers – little ‘pillow’ containers that are easily used multiple times, and the less convenient tear-open container that resembles a condom packet. Both kinds are water-based and are available to those who want or need more slip in their sex. Also, if someone expresses concern about condoms breaking, let them know that a drop of lube inside the tip of the condom before it goes on can help avoid that. It also gives more sensation at the tip of the penis, where it counts most!