Safer Use Crack Cocaine Smoking Kits

Pyrex Stem – These straight shooter pipes are made out of pyrex, which are much stronger than most available on the street. They are also made to withstand higher temperatures and therefore less likely break from either dropping them or from getting too hot. The sharing of stems and straight shooters, coupled with the potential for mouth sores and burns, raises a person’s risk for transmitting disease or bacteria (especially if they are cracked or broken).

Pipe Holders – In their former life, these rubber holders were spark plug holders. For our purposes, they are intended to act a barrier between a straight shooter or other pipe (particularly used for smoking crack) and the user’s mouth. The rubber holder is placed on the end of the pipe and keeps the heat and possible cracks in a glass shooter from harming the person. Also, if there is only one pipe, the pipe can be passed and each person can use a barrier to avoid sharing bacteria.

Chore Boy – Used as a screen and heating element in the smoking of solid freebase substances, like crack cocaine or meth. Chore is copper wool, marketed as a cleaning product and gets its name from the Chore Boy brand. Packer and Paperclip – Used to prepare and pack the chore into the pipe.

Candy – Frequent smoking of Crack or Meth can lead to chronic dry-mouth. Including a piece of candy or two in the safer use stem kit means that a smoker can keep it in their cheek to promote salivation, alleviating symptoms and making oral sex much easier if they engage in it.

Alcohol Pads – Used to pipes and pipe holders. This can also be accomplished with soap and water, but that isn’t always feasible. Alcohol pads are quick and highly portable.

Condoms – These are your basic latex condoms with lubrication. We do not distribute condoms with spermicide or other additives (like nonoxynol-9) as they have the potential for causing allergic reactions in some people; particularly if they have sex often.