Safer Use IDU Kits

Water – Used in the cleaning of equipment and in the preparation of a solid or powder for injection. The cleanest water possible is always recommended for use, as anything in the water will end up in the injection. We distribute sterile, distilled water in small plastic vials.

Distilled water will always be best if you can get it. Tap water is okay and is most available. If there is only a toilet, the water in the tank is better than the water in the bowl. Any ‘natural’ water (puddles, rivers, streams, etc ) and any water from birdbaths of flower vases have the high potential of carrying bacteria and micro-organisms which can cause sickness. In terms of use during injection, the more water used, the more diluted the shot, which means potential for less vein damage.

Alcohol Pads – Used to clean the skin before an injection and before handling equipment. This can also be accomplished with soap and water, but that isn’t always feasible. Alcohol pads are quick and highly portable. One mistake that is often made is an alcohol pad after an injection. This will only cause the site to bleed more, as well as drying the skin, which could lead to higher risk of infection. Only use alcohol pad before an injection. After the injection, use a clean cloth, tissue, or paper towel to stop the bleeding.

Rinse Cap / Cooker – Used to hold a substance during preparation for injection. Folks may use a spoon, bottle cap, or another metal item. We distribute them because they area a necessary part of some injections and should not be shared. Since it is used in the preparation phase, there is a real possibility that it will come into contact with blood, possibly in the past, as they are often used repeatedly and shared.

Cotton – Used as a filter during the process of drawing up liquid into a syringe. the cleanest material is recommended, as dirt from the filter can end up in the injection. Cotton is your best bet: the cleanest, most tightly wound to be safest. The standard for many people is a filter from a cigarette, but that is dangerous for a lot of reasons: fiberglass in the filter, dirt, etc. from smoking, unnatural fibers, etc. Also, when all else fails for some people trying desperately to stave off withdrawal, they may collect used cottons in hopes of finding residue in them. This is also dangerous as any dirt or germs left in the cotton will end up in the shot.